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Tatiana Smirnova | About designer | Gallery

Tatiana Smirnova - is a prominent Russian fashion designer, an artist, a real master of patchwork technique. Well known in Russia and abroad, Tatiana Smirnova is the author of colorful patchwork fantasies. Her fancy coats, jackets, headgear, ornaments and watt hangings are eye scathingly bright and are all treated in the light of visual arts. She is a very talented follower of Aristarkh Leniulov, creating kaleidoscope patchwork pictures bright, original, active and rhythmical.

Her works of art arc very close to the Russian folklore, to naive Russian art, but sometimes rich imagination of the artist takes her far away from Russia to aborigines of Africa or to Carmen of Sevilla. Tatyana Smirnova always adds some splendor, something special to the folk motive, developing it to a real piece of art. In this she comes close to great Russian composers, such as P. Tchaikovsky, I. Stravinski and others who marvelously developed a melody of a primitive peasant song in a symphony or a concert.

Tatyana Smirnova is the author of several remarkable collections, such as Golden Ring, Fair, Cornets, Matrenas (Matrena novadays a rare feminine name often given to Russian peasants) and others.

Tatiana Smirnova is a member of the Artists Union of Russia since 1987.

Solo exhibitions: 1996. ASTI Gallery, Moscow.

1995 ASTI Gallery, Moscow.

Tatiana Smirnova participated in a great number of fashion shows in the USA (1992),

Belgium (1991), France (1990), Sweden (1990), Marocco (1989).

Her distinguished works of art are in Museum of Decorate Art in Moscow , and in private collections in the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Marocco, Denmark, Russia.